Veritas Mining

Um El ruus

The area is easily accessible being located on Queseir – Marsa Alam asphaltic road at mark 80km Queseir – Marsa Alam - about 8km west of the road.

Vegetation and Climate

The climate is predominantly arid, hot and dry. Hottest period is beginning from March up to the end of September, while the coldest times are November to the end of February with infrequent rain.

Water Resources

Water can be available from two sources:

•  Desalinated water from desalinate stations along the Red Sea coast.

•  Ground water from wells in the Wadi Mubarak region

The infrastructures in the area is represented by the highway Queseir/Marsa Alam, Marsa Alam airport, Quseir & Marsa Alam towns where recently gained most development on the area according to the strategic initiatives of the Egyptian Government, such as water desalination plants, fuel stations, power generation, custom offices, medical services, schools and banks.